Tool Box Talks for Construction

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Cold Weather can effect your job site.

Effects of Alcohol
-The purpose of this toolbox talk is to provide some basic information and to increase the level of awareness to focus on this as a potential safety issue on the job. This will primarily address issues of “the morning after” affect.

Electrical Safety TBT - Electricity is one of the 4 leading causes of death on construction sites, don’t take it for granted.

Housekeeping - Maintaining good housekeeping is an important part of the overall job of supervision.

Slips and Falls - There are various ways to suffer slips and falls while working.

Foot Protection - The average person takes approximately 18,000 steps daily and there's the possibility of a foot injury with each step.

Winter Driving Safety - Driving habits need to change once the winter driving season is upon us.

Scaffolding - You should know that over one-third of the serious injuries to workers in the building trades are caused by falls from one level to another.

Access & Egress for Excavations

Tool Box Talks for Construction