On the Job Tool Box Safety Talks for Construction

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Current Topics
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Falls from Moving Machinery - One of the most dangerous jobs facing construction workers involves working with and around equipment used to handle materials.

Equipment Maintenance - The maintenance, repair, cleaning, and storage of tools used on a construction site can help in the prevention of injuries and deaths. It is not only important to perform proper maintenance for the sake of the equipment, but this can prove helpful for the individuals using the equipment.

Electric Power - A mistake around electricity could easily be your last.

Ergonomics - The way you organize the elements of your workplace to fit your individual needs is probably the most important consideration in working comfortably. You can save time and effort throughout the work day by taking a few minutes to think about the best position for your equipment and the most effective use of your space.
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First Aid - Do's and Don'ts - When attempting to aid an accident victim, an untrained person may do more harm than good.

Confined Spaces - includes job site poster. Many construction sites have enclosed areas where work is done. These areas can create hazards such as lack of oxygen, explosive or toxic gases, electrical shock and materials falling from above. Many of these hazards can kill or injure workers.Many would-be rescuers have died entering a confined space.

Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing - This article addresses an employer's ability to conduct two forms of drug testing: (1) post-accident testing; and (2) reasonable suspicion testing.